February 17, 2009







February 10, 2009

I think i will now be npclothing or npdesign.  monstar can be a series within.  i like the name, but i don’t really know why…  just go with it for now.  pdiddy did it!

Still super busy with school and work.  i managed to get a design for a Business Card on the fly.  i’m pretty happy with it, check it out!

i don’t think i’ve made this ultimately public yet, i am talking with a representative from, a part of aktenterprises and they are offering me a storefront with them.  that means that they will do all of the things that one may deem behind the scenes; that means, printing/manufacturing, storefront/website and shipping.  of course they take a cut of revenue, but this also means i can print anything i want as long as they think it’s as badass as i do.  SWEET!  i will be making an order when my next paycheck get’s directly deposited into the digital world of my bank account.  woot!


i might make the information a little bigger–and of course it will change when i get the url of my storefront from…  double woot!

this is when i hosted the 2nd annual CR idol.  i really need to find the video of the first one.  i lay down a quick 8 lines before Kyle Owens jumps in and makes all the ladies need to change their panties.  yeah…   i will actually probably doing this year too–so look out!  Kyle, Jon and i will just need to find some accompanment.

Check it out!

This is my sketch that i submitted to Threadless for Critiques.

This is my sketch that i submitted to Threadless for Critiques.

Busy, busy, busy…

January 23, 2009

I’ve been really busy since school has started back.  i also have a job now that i work 4:30 am – 8 even before i have classes everyday!!!  ahhh!!!  so you can imagine what i go through; you know, my bedtime is like 8 o’clock for darn sakes.  well anyway, i’m going to start posting regularly again soon, once i get into the order of things and have everything under control.

chea for the job though.  that means more capitol in a way and maybe some new stuff finally.  i have to update my website too–there is a lot to be done that i haven’t been able to do.  i’ll be back, just know that, little by little, very soon!

oh yeah, and you suck eagles!

Big Birds! byaww!!!

January 11, 2009

EAGLES 23 GIANTS 11.  yep!  yep!  one more game, baby!  I knew that they were going to perk up.  the stars have alligned everyone and it’s philly’s time, haha!

Big Birds

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January 6, 2009

yes!  i got em!  my shoes > yours.  sorry for the sloppy picture, i had to take it with my isight on my mac >.<  i don’t have a camera with me.


Go and vote for me peoples!!!

Success = Work!

Working Man on the Run!

and here are some pictures of the new ones i put up, which aren’t viewable on threadless…yet!

So, i know, you don’t have to tell me.  i’ve been lazy and haven’t updated my blog in a while.  so i will.  now.  i’ve been working on a bunch of new designs.  i’ll post most of them, but not all, i’ll even post some that i’m not finished but i’m messing around with–maybe.

i have done a lot with abe.  the one where he’s all universed out (i took off the others because i need to work on their DPI; in other words they were low quality) is my favorite and i actually have someone who contacted me and wants to buy the design form me.  sweet!  but…  i’m not 100% sure if i want to do that yet.  i’m debating.